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為什麼我們需要冷風服務(CaaS, Cooling as a Service)

選擇一種冷卻系統,您可能會認為價格便宜,但是這些系統卻帶有隱性的價格,因此運營成本更高,電耗更高,經常發生故障以及需要維修。 而現今的製冷技術更便宜,因為其生命週期成本更低,此外,創新的製冷系統還提供了更高的室內空氣質量和更高的生產率。








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Why we need “Cooling as a  Service”

The planet is becoming warmer, population and economy are growing while the demand for cooling is rising.
Opting for a cooling system you might consider an inexpensive one but those come with a hidden price tag higher operation costs, higher electricity consumption, frequent breakdowns and the need for repairs.

This sends modern cooling technology is less expensive because its lifecycle cost is lower, besides innovative cooling systems provide higher indoor air quality and improved productivity.

So, how can you access a high-quality cooling system without straining your budget?

That’s simply don’t buy one, just use cooling as a service.

You do not invest and manufacturers remain the ownership of their equipment, you only pay a monthly fee for every meter unit of cooling.
This fee includes maintenance, repair and running costs like electricity and water, so you just pay for your actual use. It is a provider interest to install the most efficient technology and to offer optimal operation and maintenance this approach is called cooling as a service.

A productive collaboration between providers, investors, and users of cooling systems and you know what’s even cooler you will be contributing to a cleaner planet.

Consider this the electricity consumed by air-conditioned worldwide is equivalent to the electricity produced by 760 medium-sized coal power plants. This number will triple by 2050 and that equates to nearly a third of electricity consumed globally today.

By using modern cooling systems, we could save forty-five percent of this energy that’s a lot of money too.
In addition, the new systems work with refrigerants that have a much lower global warming potential with cooling as a service you’ll support the circular economy keeping ownership encourages providers to develop modular and recyclable systems.
Together we’re helping to create a cleaner more productive and cooler world.
Now that’s cool.